Time to move on through Technology
Woodburners are fast becoming replaced by Heat Pumps, freeing up valuable space in lounges and promoting clean air. Some Heat Pumps come with WiFi enabled functions allowing you to heat your house while on your way home from work - now try that with a woodburner!
Recycling Woodburners
At TV Aerial Removals & Recyclers we dispose of your old Woodburners through a network of Scrap Metal Recycling plants. We do not encourage disposing of woodburners as land-fill via inorganic collections or refuse depots.

Products and Services
We specialise in removing and recycling TV aerials and woodburners. As a fully owned Kiwi business we want to help keep New Zealand `Clean and Green’ and we encourage our clients to remove and recycle their old aerials and woodburners as well.

Wood Burner & Flu Removals

  • We will remove your Woodburner from your house

  • We will remove the Flu from your roof

  • We will replace any roof tiles that need replacing as a result of its removal

  • ​We will repair your corrugated iron roof if required

  • We will provide a competitive quote for any other related work that needs doing

Wood Burner & Flu Removals

Woodburners are often left in the corner and neglected most of the year. They also take up a lot of room in the lounge, when it can be used for better things. With the popularity of the Heat Pump increasing, and the ridicule of the old fossil fuel burners on the `Most Wanted List' of the Auckland City Council, its time to `move-on' and make way for clean, green methods of heating.

We will remove your Woodburner from your house, the Flu from your roof, as well as replace any roof tiles that need replacing as a result of its removal. We'll match the tiles as best we can. For corrugated iron rooves we use the industry standard patch repair method. For all other roof types (steel, bitumix etc) you will need to get your own roofer onboard. In addition you will also need to look after any ceiling and/or wall repairs.

You can keep the Woodburner or we can take it away and have it recycled - the choice is yours. 

Some have been relocated to the outside BBQ area, others used on decks for those summer evenings, as well as some that have been reinvented as `Art' in the garden area - Your choice!

Our work covers labour, recycling fee charges, transportation, removal of Flu from roof and removal of Woodburner from your property.

Replacement roof tiles are $15.00 extra per tile and a Corrugated iron roof repair is approximately $225.00 (includes iron sheet and all materials).