The Great New Zealand Digital Switchover
New Zealand’s analogue television signal was finally switched off on 1 December 2013. Since then we've been busy `cleaning up' and `recycling' all the old analogue aerials left from over 54 years of installations...thats a lot of aerials.

We've also been removing redundant Woodburners and Flus from houses that have advanced into using Heat Pumps and other Air Conditioning technologies.

Recycling Aerials & Woodburners
At TV Aerial Removals & Recyclers we dispose of your old TV aerials and Woodburners through a network of Scrap Metal Recycling plants. We do not encourage disposing of TV aerials and Woodburners as land-fill via inorganic collections or refuse depots.

Products and Services
TV Aerial Removals & Recyclers specialise in removing and recycling TV aerials and Woodburners. As a fully owned Kiwi business we want to help keep New Zealand `Clean and Green’ and we encourage our clients to remove and recycle their old TV aerials and Woodburners.



On The Road:

Phone or Text David: 021 653 658

In The Office:

Phone or Text Carol: 021 653 657

General Enquiries: info@tvaerialrecyclers.co.nz

Quote Enquiries: admin@tvaerialrecyclers.co.nz

Aerial Removal & Recycle Quotation Guide:

Single Storey House: $135.00

Split Storey House: $145.00

Double Storey House: $155.00

For all other Buildings please contact us now for a no-obligation free quote.

NOTE: We also provide a `Pick Up and Recycle' service where aerials have already been removed from roofs - there is a small $35.00 fee to cover travel costs (within 10km of CBD).

Woodburner / Flu Removal & Recycle Quotation Guide:

Single Storey House: $295.00 (allow 2 hours)

Split Storey House: $325.00 (allow 3 hours)

Double Storey House: $395.00 (allow 4 hours)

For all other Buildings please contact us now for a no-obligation free quote. This work covers labour, recycling fee charges, transportation, removal of Flu from roof and removal of Woodburner from property.

  • Replacement roof tiles are an extra $15.00 per tile (usually need 4).
  • Corrugated roof repair is approximately $225.00.