Sky Satellite Dish

"But aerial removal expert David Kite said it wasn't just Sky dishes that caused "aerial pollution".

Any Sized Satellite Dish - we remove them all.
The Great New Zealand Digital Switchover
New Zealand’s analogue television signal was finally switched off on 1 December 2013. Since then we've been busy `cleaning up' and `recycling' all the old analogue aerials left from over 54 years of installations...thats a lot of aerials.
Recycling Aerials & Woodburners
At TV Aerial Removals & Recyclers we dispose of your old TV aerials, satellite dishes and Woodburners through a network of Scrap Metal Recycling plants. We do not encourage disposing of them as land-fill via inorganic collections or refuse depots.

Products and Services
TV Aerial Removals & Recyclers specialise in removing and recycling TV aerials and Woodburners. As a fully owned Kiwi business we want to help keep New Zealand `Clean and Green’ and we encourage our clients to remove and recycle their old TV aerials and Woodburners.

Aerials we Love...

Ever wondered what types of aerials we remove? Here's a selection... including satellite dishes, which are becoming more common to remove now that people prefer to go `Online' for their content.

Video over IP (VOIP), Skype, Messenger, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and all other online services are a lot more cheaper and in some circumstances more convenient than subscription and Pay per view terrestrial services.
Birds In-Action
TV Aerial

Birds In-Action with an aerial view

Car in Danger...
When you least expect it? Expect it! 
Birds have an uncanny eye when it comes to aerial bombardments... get your old aerials removed or your car could end up like this one. 
Hanging out..
Wood Burner

We also remove wood burners & flu's.

Did You Know...
Did you know we are also multi-skilled males? Hard to believe huh!

Well its true! apart from removing redundant aerials we also remove unwanted Wood Burners and Flus. There's a little more labour involved BUT we still get them out of your house, off your roof and down the road to be recycled. 

We'll replace your roof tiles so your roof and house remains water-tight, but you will have to repair your ceiling and fire place area. There are of course plenty of Handymen around town who will sort it for you. So, give us a call and we'll give you a CHEAP reason to get it removed & recycled.
Wow...Lets Be Careful Out There
I feel for the people down south with all that wind and record breaking rain. Auckland is also getting its fair share as well and is expecting high SW winds shortly - the damage is starting to mount, especially old aerials dangling from rooves. NOW is the time to PLAY SAFE and get them removed, before someone gets hurt.
Quizz Time
Can you guess which of these is working and which are redundant? Hint: Most houses in Auckland have them all yet only one will actually be functioning - the rest are lovely bird perches.
Summer Just Keeps On Going
By tvaerial, Jan 29 2015 5:12PM

Summer is truly here for all Aucklanders so lets not spoil it by sitting outside under an old aerial full of birds - they have an uncanny eye and a formidable success rate for hitting unsupecting tan seakers. Trust us, we know.

New Year - New Beginnings
By tvaerial, Jan 13 2015 12:53AM

Well 2015 has certainly come around pretty quickly and with a new year comes new goals, be they personal or business. Whether its finishing off that DIY job you let slip during the year; shedding a few extra kilos or working on a better work/home life balance, one thing is for certain - that old aerial has to go.

Give us a call and let us tick that one off your list for 2015.

By tvaerial, Dec 3 2014 8:20PM

During the Holiday Season more than ever, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible. Our quest has always been to return unobstructed views of New Zealand's greatest asset, it's `Clean, Green Vista' by removing old, rusty, unsafe, redundant TV aerials - I think we're on the right track.

And in this spirit we say, simply but sincerely...

Thank You for your support, Best Wishes for the Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.

Bird Perches
By tvaerial, Aug 21 2014 12:41AM

The only useful thing about the old analogue (VHF) aerials still on roofs is that they make great bird perches. I'm sure birds will be better suited perching in trees and I know most people would welcome it, especially the mess they make to roofs and surrounding decks etc.

GrabOneDiscount Vouchers coming soon... now theres no excuse to get rid of that old aerial.

What a Blow
By tvaerial, Jul 9 2014 2:52AM

Auckland is being rattled by 120km plus winds at the moment and the damage is starting to mount, especially old aerials dangling from rooves. NOW is the time to PLAY SAFE and get them removed, before someone gets hurt.